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Skyler Fulton is a writer and director whose body of work has prompted such questions as, “do you have split personality disorder?” and ”which of your parents was funny and which one was sad?” He is the creator of The Daily Realness on Snapchat, Millennials of New York on Facebook, and many commercials you’ve had to wait 5 seconds before skipping. Brands include Google, PepsiCo, Dropbox and more.*


He's directed talent including Shaq, The Chainsmokers, Hailee Steinfeld, Eric Andre, and Dr. Paul Fulton (local celeb). He wrote jokes for Sacha Baron-Cohen’s live Borat sketch on Twitch, which earned him a 2021 Webby for best branded comedy video. 


Skyler has had projects in development across various formats at Hulu, Bill Burr’s All Things Comedy, Scooter Braun’s SB Projects, and Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions. He's currently beginning production on a 6-episode miniseries podcast he'll be writing and hosting for a major audio network.

*Not all commercial samples can be posted publicly, so please feel free to ask for private links.

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